TW Argentina Thank You Fr 30 - Sa 31
May 2014
Costa Salguero / Buenos Aires
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About Time Warp Argentina

2014 is the year that surely deserves its mark in your calendars. Having the last 20 years of Time Warp in mind – starting from the early beginnings in 1994 up to today – we want to thank you for your support, for two decades of living the moment and feeling electronic music.

Therefore we're really happy to announce the „Time Warp 20 years Tour“ in 2014. This tour will not only spread the Time Warp spirit over Europe: for the first time ever Time Warp will cross the ocean and make its debut appearance on the South American continent, which is also the first tour date to be revealed: Time Warp Argentina!

On 30th and 31st of May 2014 Buenos Aires will be the first stop on our journey. This means that this Time Warp edition will not only be the first abroad Europe but also the first one keeping the action going for two days!